Perhaps Mariah Should Just Stick To Singing

6 Jan

Many would agree with me in classifying Mariah Carey as an incomparable, award winning songstress with a fan following the world over.  Sadly, what she is not it would seem, is a refined film award recipient.

 At the Palm Springs Film Festival this Tuesday, Mrs. Canon won Breakthrough Actress for her role in the Lee Daniels directed film “Precious”.  To be fair, Mariah was both brilliant and believable as a welfare caseworker in the movie, so the award was very much deserved (and if you think about the LONG way she’s come as an actress since the movie Glitter, then you’d agree that the accolades were warranted). 

 Once her name was called, it was evident that the honor likely caught Carey unaware, as expressed in her Gone-With-the-Wind-esque jump and spin into Lee Daniel’s arms (who was already on stage as a presenter).  What was also evident however was the fact that MiMi was pretty hammered.  While she couldn’t quite express the magnitude that such a win had in validating her as an actress, she did share that she had just met “the genius Helen Mirren,” that she loved Daniels and even admitted to being difficult (I think she even mentioned Dorothy’s ruby red slippers and how chic she would look in them…okay, no she didn’t but I promise she was that all-over-the-place in her little spiel).

 What was most disappointing about Mariah’s speech though, was when she all but admitted to being drunk.  Her acceptance was at times embarrassing to watch, and it seemed almost as though she really couldn’t care less about the award or her actor peers in attendance; you know, because she IS of course “Mariah Carey, award-winning songstress in her own right.” 

Overall, it was quite unfortunate that Carey came off as a person who won an award for playing a role as opposed to a person who truly respected the institution and the art of acting.

It just goes to show, when the Samuel Jackson’s and Sanaa Lathan’s of the world complain about music artists who thumb their noses at their craft and call it acting, those arguments for the most part aren’t just sour grapes. 

 Check out Mariah Carey’s booze-induced acceptance speech —>HERE<—


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