Make Room For Mikey

5 Jan

With the holidays now over and the politicians trickling back into Washington, it seemed the perfect time for GOP Chairman Michael Steele to begin (again) his overexposure campaign.  And what better forum than through a book…and various press junkets and interviews in relation to said book?

 Please somebody; tell me I’m not the only one that saw this coming!  I mean, the whole putting Rushy Rush on blast last winter was catalogued as an epic fail for Steele, and I believe the whole world shot him the ever lethal (if looks could kill) eye-roll with his declaration that he scares white republicans this past fall.  Then you have Publicity Palin successfully crisscrossing the country with her rouge self, and Barry O. hogging the spotlight with his healthcare reform and claims of a broken system in need of repair.  Why NOT write a book, stir up a bit of drama and fodder for himself by criticizing his own party and then use the book to offer instructions on how to be the best Republicans they can be?  “Right Now: A 12-Step Program for Defeating the Obama Agenda,” may not be as roll-off-the-tongue as “Going Rouge”, but it is clear that Steele is looking to raise the same types of sparks and/or eyebrows that seemed to work in favor of my 106,712th favorite Alaskan (behind the indigenous population and of course the cast of Northern Exposure).

 I wonder though with all this line-towing that Steele continues to do, how long it will be before he’ll be issuing yet another “I misspoke” apology to his party comrades.  If he was smart, he’d have just penned it in the forward of his book, thereby taking care of any past, present or future offenses on his part. 

 I’m glad however, to see that even with a changing year, we can depend on Mister Chairman to be his reliably predictable self.  Good ol’ Mike!


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