Washington Wizard Acting More Like “The Bullets”

4 Jan

Apparently the whole idea of peace on earth and good will toward men is a concept foreign to Washington Wizards Teammates Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton.  In probably the most buffoonish confrontation I have ever heard of, it seems that on Christmas Eve the two got into a petty argument regarding an outstanding gambling debt.  When approached by Crittenton about the monetary debt that had yet to be paid, Agent Zero (who clearly thought he was Agent 007 tangling with Dr. No) pulled a gun on him.  The altercation only escalated when Crittenton declared that he was not Arenas’ punk, although (thankfully) other teammates intervened and no shots were reported as being fired.

The irony of it all is that with the huge amounts of money that they make playing basketball, why these fools would be playing bet-maker/bookie and arguing over unpaid gambling balances completely blows my mind.  What’s sad however, is that one of these dummy’s is about to play Prison Break once the authorities finish investigating the circumstances and allegations surrounding this incident.

While in recent years, the NBA has been a breeding ground for violent outbursts (most notably in the past decade was former Indiana Pacer Ron Artest’s grievance-turned-fisticuffs with Detroit Piston players and fans), I don’t believe there has ever been an instance of locker room gun pulling in the NBA…or any sports league for that matter!  I wonder if that same gambling debt will be worth it when David Stern plays tough-as-nails Roger Goodell and suspends Arenas from the NBA indefinitely?


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