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Final Funnies from 2009: Why I Love Biz

30 Dec

The first time I heard my two-year-old beat-boxing, I must admit that it pretty much stopped me in my tracks.  When I asked him where he’d learned such an “interesting” musical talent, he told me in his broken toddler speak, “Biddz-Beat-ta-ta-day” (translation: Biz’s Beat of The Day).  After a little Q&A with his grandmother on all that he is exposed to during the day when I am at work, she told me that Biz is a staple on my baby’s favorite children’s program, Yo Gabba Gabba.

 Any 80’s baby can tell you that the iconic Biz Markie is considered (even today) one of the pioneers of hip-hop and rap music, applying crafty vernacular and heavy natural beats to his music in a funky and fun, yet non-threatening way.  Even as a party DJ, Biz utilizes a keen ear for music and high energy selections to make any function a premiere event. 

 Knowing this, the confusion must have shown all over my face in trying to figure out how and why Biz parlayed his beat-boxing craft into a children’s programming tool.  Don’t get me wrong, after watching Yo Gabba, Gabba, I can certainly see the appeal.  Although deliberately corny (I hope), the show uses loud colors and imagery, exaggerated characters (that can shake a tail-feather too…watch out Backyardigans), and trendy music to teach children an array of life lessons from the ills associated with eating food from off the ground to the importance of not biting their friends.  AND, with A-List stars like Tony Hawk, Jack Black, The Roots, Andy Samberg and Amare Stoudemire who come to visit the Gabbaverse, there is no wonder why the show is such a hit.

 Back to Biz though…even with the show’s creativity, appeal and superstar “can we make an appearance” waiting list, I still wonder what drove Biz to relocate his mic and pipes to 123 Gabba Lane.  Every time his segment comes on, my little one runs to the television as if he’d been awaiting the arrival of an old friend, so the casting of Biz clearly works, but…I don’t know guys. I see Biz on the show and immediately forget his legendary status and instead think “Surreal Life”. 

 But costume (and rope chain) wearing, microphone-wetting, and quirky faces notwithstanding, this eccentric musician will always be able to “Make The Music With [His] Mouth.”  In a final attempt at humor for the year, perhaps the above clip will explain what I mean.

I’m Packing Up,


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