Weak and Wack: A Potent-less Vaccine Gets The Boot

29 Dec

Wouldn’t you know it?  Two day left in the year, yet we couldn’t close out 2009 without more Piggy Flu talk!  In lieu of a reported 11,500 Swine flu related deaths since its pandemic-type outbreak earlier this year, the World Health Organization continues to stress the importance of vaccination against this deadly flu strain.

 I understand their angst, really I do.  11-some-odd-thousand people is a staggering number of folks to succumb to this mutant virus, BUT you all already know how I feel about injecting myself with somebody’s dormant caca virus, when hand washing, regular orange juice intake and some Vitamin D supplements will work just as well to keep me healthy this flu season.  Oh yeah, and going the whole cleanly and natural route would likely lesson my concerns about potentially sustaining nervous system damage from said caca vaccine.

But before you vaccined-ones start shooting me the eye-roll, let’s discuss the latest swine flu vaccine development, shall we?  Medimmune, the developer of the nasal swine flu vaccine is recalling roughly 5 million doses of the preventative treatment after it was discovered that the nasal spray seemed to lose strength over time.  The FDA remains steadfast in their claim that the vaccine itself is still safe and that those who’ve already been vaccinated should not seek an H1N1 vaccine chaser, as they are still protected from the virus.

So…when tested, packaged and distributed back in October and November, the nasal vaccines met FDA potency specifications, right?  Now, just a month or so later, the vaccine is less potent and requires a recall…a 5 million unit recall?  And, although the vaccine has a slight decrease in potency, that reduction isn’t expected to have any effect on the protective effect against H1N1 for those who’ve already taken it (says the FDA)?

Yet. It. Was. Recalled.

Am I the only one waiting for the other shoe to drop here?  Now listen, I don’t claim to be a scientist, so the FDA’s assurances that the nasal vaccine (now in Less Potent Strength ®) should still protect against the Swine Flu may very well be true, but I just feel that by already living in Leary Land due to the fact that the original vaccine has mercury in it and now learning that it perhaps cannot sustain its potency longer than a month, I am more convinced than ever (and I was pretty convinced before) that I will be maintaining my “thanks, but no thanks” position on not being vaccinated this, next or any year.  I know, I know; conspiracy theorist, hype monger, worrywart, I’ve heard ‘em all.  But just know that I’ll have an “I-told-you-so” reserved on the tip of my tongue for all those naysayers when Medimmune and the FDA reveal in the next six months or so that yet another side affect to the nasal vaccine is rapidly growing, braid-able nose hair!

I’m Packing Up,



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