What I’m Wearing: Christmas Goodies

26 Dec

Giacca Fitted Leather Jacket and Franco Fortini Boots

I must admit, it is simply wonderful to have someone in your life who gets you; someone who listens, instructs when need be, and who picks up on those subtle (and not so) hints about the things that you truly adore.  Such is the case with my honey.  He does everything in his power to make my life a seamless and pleasurable existence, however he isn’t afraid to rein me in on occasion when I am “out of pocket” or being “extra” (his adjectives for my little antics).

 A few weeks ago, he asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  In true “Simply Red” fashion (If you don’t know me by now…), I told him that I hadn’t really given much thought to any gifts for myself this year, knowing full well that I’d had my eyes glued to a tres chic pair of Franco Fortini boots and my heart set on a new Giacca leather jacket (I know fellas; I’ll blog in the very near future on why women play demure and coy around gift time).

 Well little did I know, he’d been diligently logging and documenting all those times when I’d liked this or thought that was just too cute.  Come Christmas morn, my eyes were as glossy as my children’s as I lavished in and put on my fabulous presents!  I can say with total honesty that his gift-giving efforts this year resulted in a job WELL DONE!

 Have a peak at my Christmas Booty!


I’m Packing Up,


Giacca Custom Ruffled Leather Jacket

Franco Fortini Shin Boots (rolled down) with Embellished Buckle


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