The Night Before Christmas…A Packers Wish List

24 Dec

T’was the night before Christmas and can you believe that The Packer forgot to mail her Christmas List to Santa?  Thank goodness for the World Wide Web. Since I know that Santa is a loyal Fanny Pack subscriber, I will go ahead and post my hearts desires for Christmas 2009 here, as I know he will be multitasking tonight; and in no particular order:


  1. Diplomatic Immunity
  2. Marc Jacobs Crimson Leather Fanny Pack
  3. M.A.C. 48 eyelashes
  4. Christian Louboutin Gray Metallika Booty
  5. Linden Street Basswood Vertical Blinds
  6. All inclusive vacation to Europe (England, France, Italy)
  7. Solid Insulated Thermal Black-out curtains for my master-suite
  8. Christian Louboutin Multi-Greissimo Pinup w/ Red Sole
  9. A realistic and comprehensive Healthcare Reform Bill
  10. An unlimited supply of Yves Rocher Long Wear Lipstick in Pistil Beige



Feliz Navidad!



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