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Products For YOUR Princess

18 Dec

A Magical Beauty Collection, available only at Carol's Daughter online

I Love Carol’s Daughter!  If you have hair on your head (natural/processed) or skin on your body, how could you not love Carol’s Daughter?  The products are designed to enhance and rejuvenate the hair and skin, and the natural (and tantalizing) ingredients oftentimes leave folks debating (well in my house at least) whether they could actually get away with eating them (Almond Cookie Shea Soufflé anyone???). 



But as of yesterday, I am loving Carol’s Daughter even more (if that is even possible).  On my way home from work last evening, my girlfriend Dionne IM’d me on my Blackberry to let me know that Carol’s Daughter had a new product line-up for the holidays.  A Magical Beauty Collection features none other than Princess Tiana from Disney’s new #1 blockbuster, The Princess & The Frog.  Guys, I couldn’t be more excited about this.  Not only is Tiana (yes, #1. she is real and #2. we are on a first name basis ever since I saw the film last weekend) getting MAJOR exposure outside of the confines of the silver screen, but with her endorsement, this collection of products will go a long way to reinforce to our daughters that they are, and have always been princesses.



These products, which currently can only be purchased on the Carol’s Daughter website, are great stocking stuffer ideas but are literally flying off the inventory shelves (the “Inner Shine” Conditioner and “Dream Big” Hair Detangler is currently out of stock *boo*).  I totally intend to order the Beauty Gift Set for my 8-year-old, although at this late date I may need to do some creative finagling to ensure I get it before Christmas.



After months of blogging and commenting on the daily foolishness that seemed to be just dropping in my lap, I am happy to catalog Carol’s Daughter (Lisa Price & company), as a total success!  


I’m Packing Up,


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