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Christmas Carols that STINK!

17 Dec


On my way to work this morning during a Tom Joyner Morning Show commercial break, I was flipping through the dial and came across this little ditty (in its entirety) playing on a local radio station.  After spitting coffee on my windshield at the absurdity of it all, I had to wonder, who in the WORLD thought it was cute to let their impressionable little one belt out such a crude tune?  Granted, it caught me off guard, so the majority of my wasted coffee was due to a giggle here and there, but seriously?  Kids can be pretty gross without any cajoling from adults.  Can you just imagine how “open season” it would be if this song stays in heavy rotation?  The Christmas Pageants, the holiday assemblies; all ruined (and indubitably a little smelly).


All I know is, carolers may want to consider using discernment when approaching my house next week.  Once was MORE than enough for me, so if you come to my door caroling this hot mess, I am liable to throw some eggnog in protest…minus the nog!


I’m Packing Up,


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