Mr. (and Missus) Salahi Go to Washington

2 Dec

I am SO very ready for this couple’s 15-turned-60 minutes of fame to be over!  Forget Bravo and The Real Housewives of DC, this State Dinner Gate-Crashing debacle has undoubtedly landed The Salahi’s on the Reality Personalities All-Time D-list, and it didn’t even take a Series Season to accomplish this (un)remarkable feat.


After watching Tareq and Michaele’s “Today Show” interview earlier this week, I was kind of unsure as to whether they were as shameless as I previously mentioned in my Thanksgiving Day blog post, or if in fact, some White House staffer had made promises of entry to them that he or she did not have proper authorization to make in the first place. That almost-regret was rapidly quelled when reports surfaced that the duo had also been in attendance at a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Awards Dinner in September that they were not invited to, and were unceremoniously escorted out of when an actual attendee complained about them sitting at his assigned table.  Again claiming to have had an invitation, foundation representative Lance Jones shared with reporters recently that his guest list was double-checked, and the Salahi’s names were not on it. 


It seems that these chronic societal-disrupters should have at least done their homework first and watched movies like “The Wedding Crashers” starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, before attempting such antics, as those social deviants actually remained at many of the parties they ended up infiltrating while disguised as actual guests.


Apparently however, DC Lawmakers are like me and have tired of this reality charade.  Citing a protocol breach, Homeland Security and the Obamas’ current state of “piss-ivity,” the Salahi’s have been summoned to appear before a Congressional panel on Thursday where they will be expected to explain the Who’s and How’s regarding their attendance at last week’s State Dinner (*Clutching my pearls y’all* a high-profile DC event, and the Salahi’s are actually INVITED to it).


Once there, I certainly hope that they have something more concrete as their Exhibit A through D than the “documentation” (aka emails from Pentagon official Michelle Jones) that Tareq assured Matt Lauer during their interview would shed light on what really transpired and would absolve he and his wife of any wrong-doing. 


I had a chance to read snippets of those emails (thanks Good Morning America) and with lines and phrases from Jones the day of the event like “still trying but it doesn’t seem likely,” and “I will call or e-mail as soon as I get word one way or another,” (and they STILL showed up after Jones reportedly called to say she was unable to secure tickets for them), I have a sneaking suspicious that the next Reality Show we see will be entitled DC: The Real CSI (Convict Salahis Immediately).


I’m Packing Up,



2 Responses to “Mr. (and Missus) Salahi Go to Washington”

  1. Dionne December 2, 2009 at 7:38 pm #

    I’m about ready for the reality show fad to disappear. I mean, although I have watched quite a few in my day, stories like this and balloon boy let me know it’s time to wrap this one up. What these people are doing with their lies and foolishness are confirming what we’ve all known for years, reality shows are FAKE. If you can lie your way onto a show, then we can only assume that everything about the show is also a lie. So, where then is the reality?

    I know, I’m not naive in thinking it’s all real to begin with, but I’m just saying. I’d rather watch CSI and Criminal Minds.

  2. zeusiswatching December 2, 2009 at 6:25 pm #

    It’s beyond silly. It’s deeply disturbing.

    Either they had an invite or not. No invite, no attend. It gets no more complicated at the WH. These two are stringing this out to get as much TV face time as they can before probably going to jail. If they didn’t have an invite they must go to jail. Crashing State events for publicity must never happen again and the law’s response should necessarily be severe.

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