Totally Buffoonery: White House Party Crashers

26 Nov

AP photo

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been so long it seems!  My apologies to all The Pack followers for my MIA status.  With the holiday season encroaching on my free-time, I have sort of “checked out” when it’s come to updating the blog.  I’ve truly missed the discourse and I hope you guys have missed our conversations from all things relevant to ridiculous. Speaking of which…


With “The Change That I Can Believe In” now a staple in the White House, I have made a concerted effort to pray for the progress of this country and the success of our President.  Not only have I been praying that the amalgamation of tasks on Barack’s massive to-do list will be considerably minimized by the halfway point in his presidency, but I also pray earnestly for the safety of the Obama family.  So surely you can understand the absolute dread that I felt when I heard about the Salahi’s State Dinner party-crashing antics this past Tuesday at the White House.  For those who don’t follow Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of (insert city of residency for these chemically imbalanced women here),” there have been talks that the network is going to extend the series to the Washington, D.C. Metro Area; and cue The Salahi’s.


 Michaele and Tareq Salahi are well-known pillars in Virginia’s elite horse country circle, so it comes as no surprise as to why they felt entitled at being present at Obama’s first State Dinner of his presidency.  The fact that their presence at the event serves as further publicity for them as they jockey to be added to the RHODC cast line-up is not lost on me, but the fact that they brazenly ignored social party etiquette, not to mention their ostentatious breached of security has me scratching my head on two accounts.


Firstly, after Michaele Salahi rushed home to post her “My Whimsical Night at The White House” photo album in pretentiously braggart fashion on Facebook of all places, (which incidentally is how she and her husband were determined trespassers and subsequently busted) how can they hope to convince Bravo TV and America that they are the crème-de-la-crème of high society?  Even with my modest middle class upbringing, my parents taught me that you don’t show up to a party or event where you aren’t invited…and then brag about it.  Secondly, I am wondering if a changing of the guard (literally) is necessary amongst the brass in the Secret Service.  Granted, the Salahi’s posed no imminent danger to the President, his family and other dignitaries, but I just cannot reconcile the fact that these loons were granted access to such a high-profile, yet exclusive affair and no one knew who they were.  Lord knows, if their intentions had been dastardly, the fallout and scrutiny of this administration would have been devastating! The idea of it all is just too unnerving to even imagine.  Ever the statesman however, the couple’s photo-op with Vice President Biden was classic! He cheesed it up for the cameras as if they are all intimate friends!


Joe’s glee notwithstanding, the Secret Service’s Spokeman Ed Donovan said that the agency is committed to assessing how the Salahi’s gained entrance when neither were on the guest list (there have even been hints that a White House Staffer may have slipped them in) and will mend any security procedures that may be lacking.  What’s interesting to note is that there’s the potential for trespassing charges to be filed against Michaele and Tareq for their seemingly deliberate indiscretion; surely nothing one of their high-powered attorneys on retainer can’t handle, but I doubt that the drama will bode well for their “2009 Salahi Campaign for Reality TV Stardom”…what am I saying, of course it will!


I’m Packing Up,



2 Responses to “Totally Buffoonery: White House Party Crashers”

  1. zeusiswatching November 29, 2009 at 9:48 pm #

    I guess the Heene’s were not the only ones absolutely determined to get some Television time.

  2. Dionne November 27, 2009 at 9:23 pm #

    First of all, I think it might be time to ban reality shows. First the balloon boy hoax, now party crashers…people are committing crimes all for the sake of appearing on some reality show! How absurd! Not to mention UNSAFE!! In both of these cases, someone was harmed (that poor lil kid throwing up on national TV) or could have been harmed (our lovely First Family). I mean really, is is THAT serious??

    It’s clear these two clowns though are desperate for a slot on RHODC because they are broke, Broke and BROKE!!! Simply shameful.

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