Evil, Thy Name Be Lambert

19 Nov

Cruella DeVille, eat your heart out.  University of New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert is the epitome of evil here!  She recently spoken out against her atrocious actions during her soccer game a few weeks ago, stating that after seeing her buffoonery caught on camera, she was shocked, and that the person on film was not who she really is.  But unless she has a vicious and nasty body double, or transforms into the Incredible Hulk when angry, I obstinately beg to differ.


I felt such pity as I watched Liz give it to the seemingly defenseless ladies of the BYU soccer team, that I immediately went to the Lady Lobos soccer schedule hoping to see if they had scheduled an exhibition match over the Thanksgiving holiday against the NMWCF (New Mexico Women’s Correctional Facilty) Marauders.  Surely, these are the caliber of players that dear Liz should be competing against, yes?


And what of the referees/linesmen who oversaw this MMA brawl..er, soccer match?  They must’ve been the “ooh-chicks-are-fighting” types.  They should be suspended indefinitely, just like She-Ra finally was (which was about the only positive news that came out of this foolishness).


Check out the snarling soccer star in action. 


I’m Packing Up,



One Response to “Evil, Thy Name Be Lambert”

  1. Dionne November 19, 2009 at 3:52 pm #

    OK, did all of that happen in the same game? What happened to technical fouls? I guess they don’t have that in soccer. What terrible, unsportswomanlike conduct!!! She should be suspended and ordered to take anger management classes before being allowed to even suit up and practice, let alone PLAY!

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