Diminished Win?

3 Nov

I think that I finally know what Richard and Oracine must feel like each time they have to sit through a Championship Tennis Tournament where Venus and Serena compete against one another for the top spot…well, not really.  With the love that I have for both The Universities of Florida and Georgia though, I did sort of feel like a parent torn during the Florida-Georgia game this past weekend in Jacksonville.

Although one of my kids had to take a “L” Saturday, the game was still a good one, and it was especially awesome for me to witness Tim Tebow surpass UGA legend Herschel Walker’s SEC collegiate rushing touchdown record.  Unfortunately however, (as with most any rivalry) The Florida-Georgia game was filled with loads of trash talking, chippy behavior, and lots of pushing and shoving which resulted in five personal-foul penalties; three of which were against Georgia and two against Florida.  At one point, things got so riotous that the game officials gathered together team captains, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and Georgia linebacker Marcus Dowtin and warned them that things were getting out of hand.

And out of hand things remained.  After Florida’s 41-17 win over the Bulldogs, days later came the news that Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes would be suspended for half of this coming Saturday’s football game due to his illegal use of hands during the rivalry game.  In an apparent act of retaliation for an earlier offense, Spikes was seen on film by Florida’s coaching staff trying to gouge out the eyes of Georgia running back Washaun Ealey.  Florida head coach Urban Meyer commented that he didn’t condone Spikes’ actions but the act is not who Brandon is or who the Gator’s are.

That very well may be the case, but it seems to me that regardless of how confident Meyer is in Spikes’ character, his act was an especially egregious one and seemed to taint Florida’s big win.

Like I mentioned before, I love my kids, but had Brandon really been one of mine, he wouldn’t have to worry about a suspension because he’d be on the IR list (as he’d be unable to sit it down for a week)!

I’m Packing Up,



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