Total Buffoonery: Northwest Airlines Flight Error Revealed

26 Oct

ErrorFlightOkay folks seriously, my head is spinning at the overabundance of foolishness which has forced my hand in documenting more than my quota of 3 utterly buffoonish stories per month! 

For those familiar with the two Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot their Minneapolis landing destination by some 150 miles, they have finally revealed to investigators and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) that their laptop computer use while flying caused the lapse.  The violation of company policy at the hands of the flight’s captain and first officer occurred when the two were reviewing flight crew schedules.  Both maintain that they’d simply lost track of the time but were eventually alerted by a flight attendant, and not that they’d had their “heads in the clouds” and had fallen asleep.

It all sounds pretty suspect to me considering that air traffic controllers tried to reach them at least thirteen times over the course of an hour with no success.  C’mon pilots, surely staff schedules were not SO engrossing that the safety of your passengers, your crew and even your fool selves became a secondary concern.  At this juncture you risk losing your pilots licenses anyway, so you may as well go on and admit to catching 40 winks.

I can only imagine how unnerving the whole ordeal must have been, not only for the passengers and crew (after the fact undoubtedly, as I am pretty sure that they were unaware of any quandary prior to landing), but the FTA, the airline and the National Guard as well.  Authorities were so distressed that the White House Situation Room alerted White House officials and National Guard jets were on standby should they have been needed to intercept the wayward aircraft.

The entire predicament just boggles my mind.  In light of the air disasters over the past decade, why any pilot would behave in such a perilous and careless manner is truly frightening.  These two clowns need to be permanently grounded!

I’m Packing Up,



One Response to “Total Buffoonery: Northwest Airlines Flight Error Revealed”

  1. Dionne October 26, 2009 at 9:17 pm #

    I think what I saw on the news as I ate dinner out tonight was that they were both on their laptops and didn’t have their headsets on. Is that it?

    I keep waiting for the rest of this story to unfold. There’s got to be more to it than that. And why did it take so long for the flight attendants to ask the question? Surely they knew the flight should have landed an hour ago!

    If I had been a passenger on that flight, the second we didn’t touch down according to my itinerary, I’d have been asking some questions. I think everybody’s head was in the clouds on this flight Tiff!

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