What’s Worse: The Illness or The Treatment?

17 Oct

SwineFluIf you remember my week long flu situation and subsequent quarantine at the hands of my family last month, then you clearly understand my contemplation in being administered the H1N1 vaccine once it becomes available.  Yeah, well….I had to pump the proverbial brakes on that brainchild after reading a disturbing (what isn’t these days) article on the reliability of the vaccine.  Granted, I felt like I was in one of those “may cause sore lymph nodes, bloody nose, throbbing pancreas, migraines, gout, bruising, blurred vision, dandruff, and turf toe” pharmaceutical commercials after I read all of the fine print provided by the FDA, but I READ the fine print, and I would encourage anyone considering the vaccine to read it as well, because then you will recognize that my fear in taking this vaccine is totally justified.


Basically, one of the components in the inactive flu vaccine (which would include H1N1) is a preservative known as Thimerosal, and this preservative contains organic mercury (which unlike inorganic mercury, remains in the body for a longer period of time after injection/ingestion).  And class, we know that high levels of organic mercury are bad for us because…?  Nervous system, kidney, and brain damage (especially in young children). Correct! 


So, why then would the government, the CDC, the FDA and even the World Health Organization (WHO) continue to push to have all Americans vaccinated against H1N1, especially when nature has provided us with its own natural combatant for preventing influenza? Yes my friends, good ol’ Vitamin D.  Could it be because by endorsing the vaccine, our beloved (facetious) drug companies continue to pad their pockets at the expense of the people?


And here’s the “gotcha”… The scientists and other developers of the vaccine have said that they will not take it themselves.  

See for yourselves.


I’m Packing Up,



2 Responses to “What’s Worse: The Illness or The Treatment?”

  1. Dionne October 21, 2009 at 8:33 am #

    Ditto on ALL of that! And there was a story on the news about a young lady that got the flu shot and something happened to her nervous system and now she shakes really bad when she walks and her speech is impaired. So sad…people just need to practice sanitary behavior like washing their hands regularly AND thoroughly, covering their mouth when they sneeze/cough and the world will be fine. You know, just normal stuff that people should have been taught, oh I don’t know, AT BIRTH!


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    […] to this mutant virus, BUT you all already know how I feel about injecting myself with somebody’s dormant caca virus, when hand washing, regular orange juice intake and some Vitamin D supplements will work just as […]

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