Weekly Recap 2.0

9 Oct

A D.C. Patriarch Passes Away

ME/KINGWashingtonians are mourning the loss of Ben Ali today, Founder of Ben’s Chili Bowl.  Whether you were a resident of The District or the corridor (VA and MD), or simply a visitor, when you came to town, the historical landmark on U Street was the place to be.  Chili, Franks and Half-Smokes were the cuisine of choice at Ben’s and regardless of class, caste, celebrity or status, you were ensured a good meal with great service each time you visited.


Some might remember that soon after last year’s Presidential Election, president-elect Obama made a pit stop into Ben’s to dine and fellowship amongst the people of the city he’d just adopted as his new home (to the exasperation of his secret service detail I imagine, as Ben’s is a bit of a cramped eatery, and is usually packed out).  But while Ben’s remains a common stomping ground for many famous names, when it comes to service, everyone gets the same respect (well except for Bill Cosby, who is allowed to eat for free whenever he visits).

 As with so many major urban cities, with the passing of time, an ever changing economy and regentrification, there aren’t many institutions left like Ben’s Chili Bowl anymore, but with his son’s at the helm, I am sure that Ben’s Legacy will live on in Chocolate City.



From Presidency to Peace Prize

BarrysPeacePrizeCongratulations to President Barack Obama for his Nobel Peace Prize honor. Nine months into his term, President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in what many Nobel observers believe to be a dramatic decision designed to encourage his initiatives to diminish nuclear arms around the world, ease anxiety with the Muslim world and further implement diplomacy and cooperation on a global scale rather than through American unilateralism.

Obama’s election to office and foreign policy positions have also caused a remarkable improvement in the image of the United States around the globe, where that same image according to many polls, was considerably lower under the presidency of “G. Dub”.  All of these factors were undoubtedly considerations in Obama’s nomination and subsequent win of the Nobel Peace Prize.

This day is yet another shining moment in American History.  While there is still a ways to go to amend the plight of the human condition around the globe, it is a poignant reminder that the majority of those in this world we live in truly do want peace for all, and are willing to work to achieve it.  I am sure that there are certain pundits who will chime in and try to diminish this accolade of the president, but my hope is that he will revel (if only for a day) in the honor of receiving the World’s Most Prestigious Prize.    



At The Box Office

CapLoveStory                 GoodHairPromo

Select Theaters for “Good Hair” Opening                            

With this country’s recession showing only sluggish signs of abating, I have had to amend my lifestyle a bit and relinquish a few luxuries.  Once such luxury has been my bi-weekly Movie/Date Night *sigh*. The creation of Netflix, Red Box and Movies on Demand however, has truly been integral in my savings initiative, and has been effective in helping me to stay relatively up to date. 


This weekend however, I am contemplating a visit to the movies, after nearly an 8 month hiatus.  My two favorite topics will be represented in the theaters this weekend with Michael Moore’s documentary “Capitalism: A Love Story” and Chris Rock’s Com-umentary, “Good Hair”. 


(Chris does understand that he is opening Pandora’s Box with this one, right?)


On Thursday Sybil Wilkes made a good point on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that “all hair is good hair”, however, I think that Rock’s comedic position on black women’s obsession with hair and the subsequent multi-billion dollar industry that it generates is genius (however, I will agree with Sybil that many of the women seen in the movie are not representation of black women as a whole…SHAME on that marquee picture). 


Ultimately, if I can swing two date nights in the next 48 hours, I have a feeling that both movies will provide a plethora of ideas and blog topics for next week, so in my eyes that’s a win for everyone.  Have a great weekend!

I’m Packing Up,



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