Such A Big Ego?

8 Oct

Alter EgoApparently, alter egos are all the rage in Hollywood these days.

Let’s say a celebutante has a “Doh!  I-wish-I’d-Never- Met-That-Dude” kind of video floating around? No worries, all she has to do is throw on some pearls, a cardigan and be photographed spending time with the less fortunate for a couple of weeks. People will forget her misdeeds because she’s created a clean new image for herself.  Voila!  All is forgiven.  A DUI or two hindering an actor’s movie career?  He simply needs to spend three months in rehab, become a spokesman for MADD, and there you have it, he’s reemerged smelling as sweet as a rose.


Although Hollywood’s dual characters are far too numerous to name, the Music Industry has some top shelf and easily recognizable Ego-Trippers.  Surely we all remember when Garth Brooks and his alternative rocker personality Chris Gaines crash and burned in the late 90’s.  And today we have Ciara and her pop-and-lock Doppelganger Super C, Mariah Carey and her scantily clad double MiMi (well this may be a bad example since there is not a whole lot of difference between the two, as both tend to be lacking in the articles of clothing department), and of course how can we forget the biggest Dissociative Identity Disorder sufferer of the moment (although the girl has talent in spades), Beyonce and Sasha Fierce?


But these stars and their alter egos merely flicker in the wake of one quasar’s shimmery radiance. Yes, I am being a little bit facetious and here is why.  This particular dancer-turned-actress-turned-pop-star-turned-mother-turned-I-want-to-be-a-pop-star-again has taken the most opportunistic approach of reinvention in an effort to remain relevant in the ever-changing, fad generating, real musical talent optional world of music and entertainment.


I am referring to none other than Mrs. Jennifer Lopez (Anthony?).  While I must admit that at age 40 and after having not one but two babies, La Lopez is looking fierce as ever, her industry hiatus has clearly left her yearning for the resurgence into the very spotlight that once made her the most coveted IT girl of the moment.


Enter Lola. Yep, Mrs. Anthony’s latest sassy personality slash alter ego.  Honestly, I have no words for Lola. I want to convict her of Total Buffoonery, yet I do not yet know enough about her to fairly judge her.  Check her out.  Will Lola be just the image J. Lo needs for her obviously desired comeback?


Jennifer Lopez’s Alter Ego


I’m Packing Up,



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